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Top 10 returns on Raiuno with Carlo Conti

After last summer’s edition, Raiuno Top 10 , the variety-quiz on the tastes of Italians, conducted by Carlo Conti , is back on . The program will air in prime time from Friday 23 April for six weeks and is produced in collaboration with Banijay Group.

Compared to the previous season, when the show represented a first sign of recovery after the lockdown, the show will see a richer scenography, with dancers to animate the stage and the presence of 18 boys as an audience, to whom the famous can turn for help. . Even with these innovations, the show will maintain its pre-eminent characteristics: the team challenge on rankings of various kinds.

In the first episode, two sides will compete for the victory in identifying the different preferences, on the one hand Christian De Sica, Massimo Boldi and Nancy Brilli will participate; while on the other Loretta Goggi, Paola Minaccioni and Cesare Bocci will compete .

Famous people, every week, will compete to guess rankings of all kinds, in the sign of current events and memory: “musical ‘hit parade’ (embellished with videos and the protagonists of the songs), charts of cinema and entertainment, of fashion and consumption of the last 60 years, but also surveys on the tastes and habits, obsessions and small defects of Italians “. The type of groupings will be enriched by specific ad hoc rankings, as explained by Fabrizio Iacovella, CEO of Banijay Italia, during the press conference to present the program. As usual, before attempting the individual rankings, a film will be shown with the most significant events in the year in question. The team with the most points will be declared the winner.

As happened last year, the VIP guests out of the race will provide their own rankings or their respective successes can be questioned, situations that will also occur during the first appointment. As stated by Carlo Conti at the conference, “Giorgia will tell us the ranking of her favorite songs while on Rita Pavone, there will be the ranking of her best-selling hits”.




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