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5 fun ways to incorporate Wordle Jr into your lesson plans

Are you looking for a fun way to spice up your lesson plans? Look no further than Wordle Jr! This free online tool allows you to create visually stunning word clouds that can be used in a variety of ways in the classroom. In this blog post, we’ll explore 5 creative ways to incorporate Wordle Jr into your lesson plans and keep your students engaged and excited about learning. Whether you’re teaching literature, science, or history, these tips are sure to get your students thinking outside the box and having fun while they learn.

Use Wordle Jr to create a word cloud of a text you’re teaching

Wordle Jr is a great tool for creating word clouds of texts that you’re teaching in the classroom. By simply copying and pasting the text into Wordle Jr, you can generate a visually stunning representation of the most frequent words used in the passage. This can be a great way to introduce new concepts or ideas to your students.

One idea is to use Wordle Jr as an icebreaker activity at the beginning of a unit. Create a word cloud of key terms related to your topic, and have students work together in small groups to guess what they think the unit will be about based on these words.

Another option is to create word clouds for individual chapters or sections within larger texts. This can help highlight important themes or motifs that may be repeated throughout the book. You could even have students create their own mini-word clouds for each chapter as they read along.

Wordle Jr can also be useful when teaching vocabulary words. Create word clouds for different units or categories, and ask students to come up with definitions or sentences using those words.

Using Wordle Jr as part of your lesson plans can add some fun and creativity to your teaching while engaging students with visual representations of texts and vocabulary words.

Use it as a tool to assess students’ understanding of what they have read

One of the most effective ways to ensure that students have a strong grasp of what they’ve read is by using Wordle Jr as an assessment tool. This can be done by creating a word cloud based on a text you are teaching, and then having students identify key concepts or themes within the cloud.

Another way to use Wordle Jr for assessments is by having students create their own models using information from a text. By doing this, teachers can gauge how well students understand and retain important information.

A particularly creative way to utilize Wordle Jr in assessments is by displaying student responses to multiple-choice questions through word clouds. This not only adds an element of visual interest but also helps teachers quickly and easily identify areas where more instruction may be needed.

To make sure your assessments are effective, it’s important to keep some tips in mind when creating interesting Wordle Jr graphs. For example, try incorporating different colors or fonts into your model for added visual appeal. Additionally, consider including both common and less frequently used keywords in your graph to encourage deeper understanding of the material.

Incorporating Wordle Jr into your lesson plans offers endless opportunities for engaging with texts while providing valuable assessment data for teachers.

Have students create their own Wordle Jr models using information from a text

Engage your students in the learning process by having them create their own Wordle Jr models! This activity not only promotes creativity but also enhances understanding of a text.

To start, have students choose a text they have read and select key words or phrases that summarize the main ideas. They can then input these words into Wordle Jr to create their own unique word cloud. Encourage them to experiment with different fonts, colors, and layouts to make it visually appealing.

After creating their Wordle Jr model, students can share it with the class and explain why they chose those specific words. This allows for further discussion and analysis of the text as well as encourages public speaking skills.

This activity is not limited to English classes either – science texts can be used for creating models related to scientific concepts while social studies texts could focus on historical figures or events.

Incorporating student-created Wordle Jr models into lesson plans provides an engaging way for students to demonstrate their understanding of a text while promoting creativity and collaboration in the classroom.

Use Wordle Jr to display student responses to multiple-choice questions

One of the most engaging ways to use Wordle Jr in your lesson plans is by displaying student responses to multiple-choice questions. This activity will not only help you assess students’ understanding but also encourage them to think critically.

To get started, create a list of multiple-choice questions related to your text and have students answer them. Once they have submitted their answers, copy and paste them into Wordle Jr. The resulting word cloud will display the most common responses in larger font sizes.

This activity can be done individually or as a group, with each student contributing one response at a time. You can even turn it into a game by having students guess which question corresponds to each word cloud.

The benefit of using Wordle Jr for this activity is that it visually displays the patterns and trends among student responses, making it easier for both you and your students to identify areas that need further attention or clarification.

Using Wordle Jr as a tool for displaying student responses is an effective way to engage your class while assessing their comprehension skills in an interactive and creative manner.

Convert your texts into Wordle Jr models for more creative teaching

One creative way to incorporate Wordle Jr into your lesson plans is by converting texts into word clouds. This technique can make reading comprehension more fun and interactive for students.

To start, choose a piece of text that you want to teach your class. It could be a poem, an excerpt from a novel or even a non-fiction article. Copy and paste the text into Wordle Jr and generate the word cloud.

Once you have the word cloud, ask your students to analyze it and identify which words are repeated most frequently. This exercise will help them understand key themes in the text.

You can also use this strategy as a pre-reading activity. Show your students the word cloud before they read the actual text and ask them to predict what they think it might be about based on their analysis of the most common words.

By creating visual aids like these, you’ll help engage students in ways that traditional teaching methods cannot achieve alone.

Tips for creating interesting Wordle Jr graphs

Creating an interesting Wordle Jr graph can be a fun and engaging way to teach your students about key concepts. Here are some tips for making sure that your Wordle Jr graphs are creative and effective:

1. Choose the right text: It’s important to choose a text that is relevant to your lesson plan and will engage your students. Make sure the text is appropriate for their reading level, too.

2. Use variety in font size and color: Experiment with different font sizes and colors to make your Wordle Jr graph visually appealing. This can help draw attention to certain words or phrases.

3. Don’t use too many words: While it may be tempting to include every word from a passage, using only key terms or phrases can make the graph more impactful.

4. Consider shape and layout: The shape of the Wordle Jr graph can also add interest – try arranging words into recognizable shapes or patterns!

5. Incorporate images: Adding relevant images alongside your Wordle Jr graph can further enhance its impact on students’ learning experience.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to create unique and captivating Wordles that will help reinforce lessons for all types of learners!


Wordle Jr is a simple and fun tool that can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your lesson plans. Whether you’re looking to create interactive word clouds or assess students’ understanding of texts, Wordle Jr offers endless possibilities.

By using the tips outlined in this article, you can make sure that your Wordle Jr models are engaging and visually appealing. Remember to keep it short and sweet with short sentences and paragraphs.

So next time when you’re planning for an upcoming lesson or activity, consider incorporating Wordle Jr into your teaching strategy. Your students will love it!



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